Hi! I’m Lorette Smith, a World Flower Show award winning floral artist, and I love using flowers in new and creative ways.  

Whether you’d like a traditional, modern or abstract look for your wedding or special event, I believe that my passionate and artistic approach can help to transform your function into something just a little out of the ordinary.

Flowers can really MAKE your event, and I look forward to working with you to create a design strategy that reflects your individual ideas and wishes - and meets your budget!

What’s New

11.03.2017 ~  A white wrist corsage made from a Phaleanopsis orchid which are notoriously fragile. But by using a new gluing technique the problem of its delicacy was solved. I also used felt as a backing material for the first time.

27.11.2016 ~ This beautiful rose wall and a hanging chandelier for a farewell party were a mechanical challenge, but well worth the time invested in them. Working with first quality roses enabled us to keep the flowers long past the event and they were enjoyed for a further 10 days!

21.10.2016 ~ A client needed something fun and colourful for an AGM, so I put together these neat little table decorations for them

07.10.2016 ~ Did the flowers for the Chisipite Senior School Form 6 Leavers lunch. We did 38 separate arrangements using the vibrant House colours. Here’s one of the table decorations:

28.09.2016 ~ I’ll have an exhibit at the St. Johns Fair on Sunday the 2nd October as part of the Floribunda stand. Please stop by and have a chat and see what we’ve done. We’ll be right next to the main entrance.

01.09.2016 ~ Welcome to my new website! I really hope you enjoy it and find it useful too. Your opinions and feedback are really important - so drop me a line at lorette.smith1957@gmail.com

27.08.2016 ~ Out in my garden recently, I’ve noticed some brand new shoots pushing their way into the Spring sunshine; notably, my wonderfully scented freesias.

21.08.2016 ~ Did a breakfast function for Old Mutual. As it was winter, I decided to take a new approach to my table arrangements. I used cacti and styrofoam in glass bowls. This was especially effective as it complimented Old Mutual’s corporate green colours.

17.08.2016 ~ Recently my cat, Aaron Purr, has taken to sitting on my shoulders as I work. Whilst the company is always welcome, and the added warmth he provides is a definite bonus in the nippy weather, it has become a bit of a distraction…

05.08.2016 ~ I was part of the team that did the flowers for a very upmarket birthday party. This event was particularly exciting as I got to develop some very interesting mechanics.  We created a large suspended chandelier-type floral ring, a floral wall, creatively inserted into a large door frame, and a swing supported by ivy vines.